Healthcare and Medical Devices

Arvizio AR Instructor is a flexible solution for the support of medical instrumentation leveraging AR/MR to guide operators through complex task-oriented workflows. Medical instruments and equipment are increasingly complex and often requires a higher level of expertise for initial setup, daily use, and ongoing maintenance. AR Instructor can simplify workflows and reduce human error by providing a real-time set of instructions that clearly indicate the actions to be taken at each step. The ability to combine 3D models, instructional videos, images, documents, and interactive AR annotations provides a state-of-the-art solution for training, installation, set-up, and maintenance of medical systems.

In addition to guided workflows, AR Instructor also provides real-time collaboration allowing remote experts to share information with the technician using video, audio, markups, and other tools. The benefits of combining guided workflows with remote expert assistance in a single integrated solution are significant. Many operational procedures can be guided by the software however specific procedures requiring expert assistance for work validation or additional oversight can be seamlessly incorporated in the workflow.

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Manufacturing and production enterprises utilize a variety of complex equipment and machinery, all of which require maintenance and operator training. Arvizio AR Instructor can be used across many aspects of the manufacturing process. Employees using AR Instructor are provided with a comprehensive set of capabilities including:

  • Step-by-step AR work instruction using augmented reality overlays
  • Digital twin workflows for interactive guidance using 3D model
  • Authored workflows can be shared by users within an organization
  • QR code or model-based alignment with the real world
  • AR content including 3D models, videos, images, documents, and annotations
  • Remote expert collaboration with “see what I see” video and remote mark-ups

These features provide an efficient approach to staging and preparation, routine maintenance, equipment repair and transitioning of a production process. Manufacturers can also benefit from significantly improved safety, support of customers, and productivity of field service teams through the use of AR guided step-by-step instruction and remote expert assistance.

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Field Maintenance

Difficulties with travel and a global shortage of skilled workers has created enormous challenges for many organizations. Arvizio’s AR Instructor, and the use of 3D digital twins in augmented reality, can greatly assist technicians with step-by-step instructions to guide the repair, installation, and maintenance of equipment. Field technicians can further benefit by utilizing remote expert assistance without the need for all parties to be on site. With “see what I see” live video, the remote expert can guide the technician through more difficult operations and validate the work performed. AR Instructor provides increased productivity and efficiency, decreased costs, and improved safety. When utilized for maintenance, installation or learning scenarios, Arvizio AR Instructor provides a significant improvement in operational efficiency and as a replacement for legacy processes now enhanced with augmentations and detailed media that overlay the scene.

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Industry 4.0 Digital Twins

Arvizio’s Immerse 3D is a vital tool in the engineering and industrial design process, from the initial concept and design phase, reviewing and evaluating concepts and alternatives as they would appear in the real world, to the manufacturing and maintenance phase, in which process steps, assembly examples, quality control and operational monitoring come into play. Enhanced visualization gives engineers and designers the ability to design a product in the environment where it will operate, and view spatial restrictions or other obstacles, as well as ensuring the finished product is aesthetically appealing. In addition, overlaying real-time IoT data provides the ability to instrument your models for equipment monitoring, operational training and safety and maintenance coordination via a living digital twin. Our real-time collaboration feature allows engineers to share their design as it will appear, full-scale and in the end environment, so that team members, and end customers, can discuss and view the design resulting in more accuracy, reduced production timelines and increased sales.

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Arvizio’s Immerse 3D is invaluable to all phases of the architectural, engineering and construction process. Our enhanced visualization allows both on-site and remote participants to interact with 3D spatial data representations for large-scale designs and collaborate via live audio, video and 3D content. By overlaying virtual objects on the spatial data representation of a building or construction project, architects, engineers and construction personnel see exactly how a design, system or part fits into the construction site. The ability to view and interact with a virtual 3D model created from BIM and CAD data serves as an essential, and cost-saving, method to present the finished product (without the need for a physical model), identify potential flaws early in the process, get all involved parties on the same page and provide a positive end-customer interaction.

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Energy and Mining

Arvizio’s Immerse 3D is an ideal solution for energy and mining industries providing immersive, fully interactive visualization with large-scale 3D models. Immerse 3D supports a wide range of 3D data formats such as CAD models, BIM models (including Revit via plugin) and LiDAR scans to be optimized for visualization on mobile devices and headsets. 3D models can be viewed at table-top size or walked through at 1:1 scale, while virtual meeting collaboration tools allow the experience to be synchronized for both local and remote participants. The ability to overlay real-time IoT data provides an ideal method for monitoring faults, temperature, pressure and other sensor data either on site or remotely. All content and active scenarios are shared between multiple participants allowing individuals to interact and share comments and questions in an immersive, visualization discussion. The Arvizio solution will also connect session participants with remote experts if required for real time collaboration.

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