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Arvizio provides enterprise software solutions for rich 3D visualization and multi-user collaborative experiences. Our flagship product Arvizio Immerse 3D, allows organizations to share complex 3D models and point clouds across locations and conduct collaborative reviews using the power of augmented and mixed reality. Web meeting and collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex and others can now be brought to life with 3D content providing a new dimension to design reviews, marketing demonstrations, new project pursuit and QA inspections across industries.

Arvizio Immerse 3D allows all aspects of collaboration, model mark-up and multi-user presentation to be coordinated from an easy-to-use PC or Server application that manages and synchronizes the entire workflow. Arvizio Immerse 3D allows a wide range of 3D data formats such as CAD models, BIM models and 3D point clouds from LiDAR or photogrammetry to be optimized for AR/MR devices.

3D models may be viewed at table-top size or walked through at 1:1 life size scale using augmented reality, while sharing tools allow the experience to be synchronized for all participants. Annotation and real-world alignment tools are also provided to create unique shared experiences among members of your team, your customers and other stakeholders.

Reality capture, using LiDAR, 3D scanners or photogrammetry, is a powerful tool for recording high resolution 3D scenes. Arvizio hybrid rendering features the ability to stream point clouds and complex 3D models to devices. Through a combination of dynamic level of detail processing and GPU accelerated rendering, Arvizio can stream extremely large industrial scale models to untethered, standalone mixed and augmented reality headsets and mobile devices.

The future begins now and Arvizio provides the enterprise class platform required to move your business forward in the exciting realm of mixed and augmented reality.


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