Arvizio Announces Advanced AI Visual Inspection for AR Instructor

Arvizio, the foremost name in augmented and mixed reality solutions for enterprises, today unveiled an AI-driven enhancement to their renowned AR Instructor platform. This new feature set, leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence, provides visual inspection to verify and validate that work instructions have been correctly performed and improve quality assurance of performed tasks. These capabilities further solidify Arvizio’s commitment to transforming enterprise operations, maintenance, training, and field service.

The AI-based visual inspection capabilities promise to redefine the landscape of AR training and work instruction. Operations and field service leaders can now create immersive training sessions while automatically detecting and highlighting discrepancies, ensuring flawless execution of important tasks.

AI visual inspection and validation on AR Instructor

Alex Berlin, President and CEO of Arvizio, commented, “The integration of AI-driven visual inspection recognition and anomaly detection is a game-changer. Our AR Instructor was already an invaluable tool for enterprises, but with this addition, we’re ensuring that training and operations are not just immersive but also accurate and improve quality assurance.”

Key Features of AR Instructor AI-based Visual Inspection:

  • Cloud Service: Utilizes AI for image training and real-time inference to detect visual anomalies and defects by comparing them with trained data sets.
  • AR-Powered Data Capture: Extends the AR Instructor application to capture and label images for data set training, using augmented reality to guide the image capture process.
  • Automatic Anomaly Detection: Identifies and highlights visual anomalies automatically, ensuring that trainees and operators are promptly alerted to any deviations from the standard.
  • Seamless Integration: Integrates seamlessly with existing AR Instructor features such as step-by-step instruction and no-code authoring, providing a comprehensive AR experience.

These AI enhancements address the current workforce skills gap faced by enterprises. With the enhanced AR Instructor, Arvizio aims to bridge this gap by offering more precise and detail-oriented training and operational solutions.

AR Instructor is a cross-platform solution, supporting a range of the industry’s leading AR/VR headsets and devices, including Microsoft HoloLens 2 and Magic Leap 2, as well as iPads, iPhones and Android mobile devices. Arvizio is planning additional headset support including Quest 3, Vive XR Elite and headsets utilizing Qualcomm Snapdragon Spaces.

Arvizio offers custom development and will craft immersive solutions tailored to your business goals. With our expertise in AR/VR, mixed reality, AI, and more, we create impactful digital solutions and assist with integration with existing IT systems to ensure a smooth digital transition.

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