Announcing AR Instructor 2.0 – Adds Support for Magic Leap 2

Arvizio, a leader in augmented and mixed reality for the enterprise, today announced AR Instructor 2.0 – a major enhancement to their no code solution for augmented reality (AR) guided instruction and remote expert support. AR Instructor 2.0 delivers new features and capabilities across all devices including support for the Magic Leap 2 headset. The addition of Magic Leap 2 expands AR Instructor’s cross-platform device support which also includes Microsoft HoloLens 2, iPad, iPhone, and Android mobile devices.

AR Instructor users can take advantage of Magic Leap 2’s next generation AR features – greatly enhancing their experience with enterprise training and operational AR guided workflows. View a brief demonstration of AR Instructor using Magic Leap 2.

AR Instructor guided workflows using Magic Leap 2

The latest release contains several new features including 3D model animation and content caching, as well as enhancements to workflow drafting, publishing, and user access control. With AR Instructor 2.0, remote expert AR annotations are now multi-user capable and available across all supported devices. In addition, workflows can now be cloned, shared, and used by customer approved partner organizations.

“Organizations embracing AR to rapidly train, upskill and maximize their workforce, demand a solution that is both user friendly and device agnostic,” said Jonathan Reeves, Founder and Chairman of Arvizio. “With the addition of Magic Leap 2, and robust feature enhancements, Arvizio’s AR Instructor 2.0 broadens cross-platform device flexibility and provides tools for effortless workflow creation and user management.”

AR Instructor enables no-code, customized sequential instruction overlaid in the technician’s field of view. These visual steps can include video clips, images, 3D models, documentation, AR annotations and symbols. In addition, users can connect with a remote expert or instructor with live see-what-I-see video and interactive mark-ups for additional guidance or work validation.

Magic Leap recently announced their Magic Leap 2 headsets will be generally available in September 2022 and Arvizio customers can immediately take advantage of AR Instructor’s feature-rich solution.

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