Arvizio AR Instructor Delivers Productivity Gains Across Manufacturing Industries

Arvizio, a leader in augmented and mixed reality for the enterprise, today announced new capabilities of the AR Instructor augmented reality (AR) solution for training, assisted operation and maintenance for manufacturing industries.

Augmented and mixed reality have become a key technology in the industrial and manufacturing fields – from equipment repair and maintenance to operational training and knowledge transfer. The use of AR is particularly important in the accurate set up and operation of industrial equipment where human error can have serious ramifications to both production and safety.

AR Instructor provides organizations with the tools to train and guide frontline technicians and significantly enhance the productivity of physical work by facilitating collaboration and knowledge transfer across their disparate workforce. AR Instructor enables the creation of next-generation instructional content, such as training materials and step-by-step procedures, using no-code authoring and seamless integration of 3D models, video, images, and other assets.

The Arvizio solution maps the AR content directly onto the physical equipment for on-site operation or alternatively, utilizes digital twins for off-site training scenarios. The use of AR and 3D overlays results in significant improvement in comprehension and retention.  AR Instructor is a cross-platform solution, supporting a range of the industry’s leading AR headsets and devices including HoloLens 2. With the industry’s rapid pace of change, it is important for solutions to avoid vendor lock-in – flexibility that significantly benefits both customers and partners.

AR Instructor provides guided operation of manufacturing machinery

Traditionally, collaboration between frontline employees, such as a repair technician and an expert knowledge worker, required travel to the facility. AR Instructor allows remote experts to see the on-site worker’s physical world via real time video and annotate objects with additional information.  Remote experts can offer direct guidance and/or audit performance in real time via their web browser.

AR Instructor also offers a synchronized companion app for mobile devices to scan bar codes using the mobile device’s high-resolution camera. Workers can accurately identify objects using bar codes and incorporate details into the instructional workflow.  Hybrid-AR solutions will increasingly leverage mobile devices in conjunction with AR headsets to improve the way front line teams carry out key tasks.

“Industries are experiencing a shortage of skilled front-line employees and view augmented reality as a means to accelerate training and efficiently transfer the expertise of experienced workers”, said Jonathan Reeves, CEO of Arvizio. “Arvizio enables organizations to rapidly upskill employees without the need for on-site coaching and mentoring. By delivering no-code authored augmented reality instruction and remote expert connectivity, AR Instructor can substantially increase productivity and reduce errors of workers performing complex operational activities.”

With these announced enhancements, AR Instructor further optimizes frontline worker learning and productivity across industrial and manufacturing settings.

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