Arvizio Showcases AR Instructor for Medical Equipment Training and Maintenance

Arvizio, a leader in augmented and mixed reality for the enterprise, today announced a suite of capabilities for the use of augmented reality (AR) workflow automation for medical organizations, healthcare workers and technicians use in equipment training, operation, and maintenance.

Arvizio AR Instructor is a powerful solution leveraging AR to visually guide and upskill workers through complex task-oriented workflows with digital overlays of associated 3D objects, images, documentation, and animated mark-ups. Further, AR Instructor can connect the frontline medical staff with a remote expert who sees what the on-site worker sees and provides real-time guidance and AR annotations for problem resolution and/or work validation.

The proficiency of medical personnel and other healthcare professionals is critical to the efficiency and effectiveness of patient care where errors can have significant consequences.

Using AR Instructor, medical personnel and technicians can independently train in the set-up, operation, and maintenance of medical equipment guided by overlayed instructions and augmented with 3D digital twins, videos, documentation, and mark-ups to significantly reduce the risk of human error. Additional assistance is available by connecting with a remote expert who, through see what I see video, can provide real-time guidance and validate task performance.

Arvizio’s AR Instructor increases the availability and efficiency of medical training, without the need to increase staff, and enhances performance and productivity while operational maintenance and repair activities are executed with greater accuracy.

View a demonstration of AR Instructor for medical equipment: AR Instructor: Ventilator Demonstration

“Advances in medical equipment and procedures has increased the demand for skilled healthcare professionals and technicians”, said Jonathan Reeves, CEO of Arvizio. “With AR Instructor we provide a seamless digital workflow to rapidly upskill current and prospective medical professionals. The ability to combine 3D models, interactive annotations with on-demand remote expert collaboration provides a state-of-the-art solution for medical technology training and maintenance.”

The emergence of 5G networks further enables the successful implementation of AR Instructor training in the healthcare field. The flexible bandwidth allocation and ultra-low latency provides rapid loading of 3D content and media assets and ubiquitous connectivity. Arvizio’s AR instructor was recently featured at the Lake Nona Innovation Hub in conjunction with Verizon utilizing their 5G technology.

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