Arvizio Partners with Magic Leap for Enterprise Spatial Computing Solutions

Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA – December 10, 2019 – Arvizio today announced that they have partnered with Magic Leap to help advance enterprise spatial computing solutions. In partnership with Magic Leap, Arvizio aims to expand the use of spatial computing, particularly in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC), energy, mining and manufacturing, by providing a complete solution for creating and utilizing immersive experiences, unique to the needs of those industries.

Digital transformation is rapidly growing in many industries where organizations are increasingly seeking immersive solutions for collaborative design, planning and stakeholder review sessions. However, many CAD/BIM models and LiDAR scans are too large and complex to render on wearable devices. Arvizio’s enterprise XR platform solves this by offering 3D model optimization and hybrid rendering capabilities together with a comprehensive suite of collaboration tools for multi-user shared experiences.

The Arvizio platform allows large scale 3D models to be visualized on Magic Leap’s spatial computing device, Magic Leap 1, and offers users the ability to walk through designs at life size, align models with the real world for digital twin scenarios, annotate, measure, zoom/rotate and conduct virtual design reviews with multiple participants sharing a synchronized view of virtual objects.


Visualization of the Giant Mine Remediation Project in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. (Source Golder Associates Ltd.)

“We are excited to partner with Magic Leap to help bring spatial computing to enterprises. Magic Leap users will now have the opportunity to further transform their enterprise with a seamless visualization solution,” said Jonathan Reeves, CEO at Arvizio. “With Arvizio on the Magic Leap 1, we are delivering comprehensive, innovative solutions for large 3D model visualization and multi-user, multi-site collaboration that enterprises across industries can deploy to enhance design, planning, engineering and customer review sessions while harnessing the power of spatial computing.”

“Some of the industries poised for the greatest innovation include architecture, construction, mining and manufacturing,” said Omar Khan, Chief Product Officer, Magic Leap. “Spatial computing provides more in-depth training and deeper collaboration, with a level of detail previously unattainable. We’re providing solutions with Arvizio that improve safety, accuracy and innovation for these industries.”

The partnership allows Arvizio and Magic Leap to help current and potential customers to better navigate the rapidly evolving spatial computing ecosystem, by offering the best combined software and hardware solution for combining spatial computing and immersive applications as part of their new reseller agreement.

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