Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA – September 6, 2018 – Arvizio Inc., today announced the availability of version 2.0 of their MR Studio™ mixed reality software platform. The company will showcase the new features at MWC Americas, September 12 – 14, at the Los Angeles Convention Center booth S.1460 and in demos in the Verizon booth S.1302.

MR Studio is an enterprise level solution designed to provide multi-user and multi-site mixed reality experiences for working with 3D CAD/BIM models and real-world 3D LiDAR scans. Two tiers of the platform are now available. Local Edition provides the ability to walk through designs at life size, align models with the real world for AR and MR digital twin scenarios and synchronize the view of multiple participants at a single location. Enterprise Edition extends this set of capabilities to conduct virtual design reviews with multiple participants across locations over 5G wireless or broadband wide area networks.

The new release of MR Studio incorporates the following notable features:

Shared PDF document viewing for participants to share and collaborate using documents associated with the project.

Enhanced Automatic LOD (level of detail) automatically assigns additional resources to the portion of the model nearest to the MR participant adjusting as the model is traversed.

Real-world model alignment tools have been enhanced to automatically scale and align models with the physical world by simply selecting corresponding points.

Measurement tool provides users with the option of both real-world and in model measurements.

QR code-based connection provides an effortless method for connecting and synching multiple HoloLens devices to the MR Studio project session.

“Enterprises are embarking on a journey to transform their approach to sales, marketing, project management and oversight,” said Jonathan Reeves, Arvizio’s CEO. “By continuing to offer new and enhanced features, Arvizio provides the platform to collaboratively review concepts and designs for feasibility, function and visual appeal.”

Attendees can participate in live demonstrations of MR Studio at MWC Americas next week in Los Angeles.

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