Multi-user, multi-site collaboration with life size 3D model walk-through for AEC, Engineering & Training

Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA – April 12, 2018 – Arvizio, Inc., today announced a suite of new collaboration capabilities for their MR Studio™ enterprise mixed reality software platform. MR Studio now offers the ability for multiple users at multiple locations to walk through, and interact with, life-size 3D holographic models.

MR Studio is an enterprise level solution designed to provide comprehensive mixed reality experiences including complex 3D model visualization, real-time collaboration and data integration utilizing Microsoft HoloLens and other mixed reality devices.

MR Studio’s new features include three modes of multi-user AR-assisted collaboration:

  • HoloSync: Multiple users walk around or through life size models, each with their own unique viewing perspective. Shared annotations highlight areas of interest and shared document viewing allows detailed information to be shared by participants.
  • Multi-Room: Users across two or more locations may walk through shared models utilizing collaboration tools which synchronize and update in real time. 3D avatars represent HoloLens participants at other locations, includes audio bridging, shared annotations and shared documents.
  • Remote: Stakeholders can participate in remote collaboration sessions via their devices or laptops to view the real time video feed from selected headsets and participate with audio, video, text chat and annotation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


“Arvizio continues to expand the capabilities of our platform to meet the needs of our customer’s applications,” said Jonathan Reeves, Arvizio’s CEO. “Whether participating in remote design reviews, customer presentations or mixed reality training/education sessions, our clients are looking to leverage mixed reality to help manage and streamline complex operations. These new features enable multiple stakeholders to exchange ideas, develop concepts and discuss projects using synchronized data across teams and locations.”

“As has been shown with multipoint unified communications and video collaboration, there are many use cases that benefit from input and immediate feedback from experts or customers across locations. As the use of wearable AR devices proliferates, the creativity-expanding and cost-saving impacts of these tools will quickly justify the addition of Arvizio technologies in an enterprise’s collaboration toolkit,“ said Christine Perey, President of PEREY Research & Consulting.

Additional new features improve MR Studio’s already impressive abilities in the fields of architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) and engineering and include:

  • Alignment: The new alignment and scaling tools allow 3D models and heat maps to be accurately placed and aligned to the real world.
  • Expanded range of 3D formats: Support for spatial data formats has expanded and includes IFC models exported from industry leading BIM/CAD tools as well as real world scans from DotProduct, Matterport OBJ and XYZ point cloud exports and multiple formats of LiDAR point cloud data.  Large, complex 3D models are optimized with automatic LOD for display on mixed reality devices.
  • Live annotations:  Real time IoT sensor data may be processed and displayed seamlessly, allowing mixed reality experiences to be enhanced with live data.

Arvizio will be demonstrating their MR Studio platform on April 12, at Hands on With HoloLens in Calgary and AWE 2018, May 30 – June 1, in Santa Clara and Microsoft Inspire, July 15 – 19, in Las Vegas. To learn more about the features and capabilities of MR Studio, visit:

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