Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA – January 30, 2018 – Arvizio, Inc., announces the integration of dense point cloud scans from DotProduct 3D scanners with the MR Studio™ mixed reality software platform. MR Studio is an enterprise level solution designed to provide a comprehensive mixed reality experience including complex 3D model visualization, real-time collaboration and data integration utilizing Microsoft HoloLens and other mixed reality devices.

Industries such as AEC, Energy, Industrial Design, Surveying, Mining and Oil and Gas employ a variety of 3D scanning tools to construct large and complex point cloud models which may involve millions or even billions of points. DotProduct’s hand held scanning devices capture 3D scenes in the form of point cloud models which HoloLens, or other wearable headset devices, are unable to render directly due to the high density of points. Arvizio’s MR Studio Director ingests highly compressed, DotProduct binary DP data and prepares the data automatically for visualization in mixed reality.

“Architects, engineers and other industry professionals need high quality 3D scan data to collaborate interactively,” said Jonathan Reeves, CEO at Arvizio. “Professionals utilizing DotProduct’s scanners can now employ Arvizio mixed reality solutions to visualize DP point cloud scans in 3D and at full scale allowing team members and stakeholders to collaborate in a new, highly efficient ways.”

“We’re excited to enter the innovative world of mixed reality with Arvizio,” said Tom Greaves, DotProduct’s Chief Marketing Officer. “The ability to deploy DP scans as 3D holographic models will provide our customers and resellers with an integrated solution that will streamline and enhance new and existing projects.”

Arvizio was recently named a DotProduct import Partner extending their visualization capabilities to include HoloLens for a fully interactive and collaborative mixed reality experience.

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Betsy Gilbert

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