Arvizio Targets Enterprise Mixed Reality with MR Studio Platform

OTTAWA, May 16, 2017 – Arvizio, Inc., announces the introduction of MR Studio, an enterprise mixed reality (MR) software platform. MR Studio is a comprehensive mixed reality suite designed for the enterprise to meet the emerging needs of the AEC, engineering, healthcare, industrial and education markets. MR Studio provides cross platform 3D visualization, real-time collaboration and data integration for use with Microsoft HoloLens™, Windows Mixed Reality and Android based AR/MR devices.  Arvizio’s MR Studio suite includes:

  • MR Studio Director: Directs the MR visualization and collaboration experience
  • MR Studio Immerse: MR device app with advanced visualization and collaboration plug-ins
  • MR Studio Remote: Remote collaboration for smart phones, smart glasses, tablets and PCs

Arvizio’s proprietary ASPEN (Advanced Spatial Processing Engine) provides cross-platform visualization with automatic level of detail (LOD) processing for the complex 3D models often required for construction, engineering, CAD, LiDAR/GIS and medical imaging. This rich visualization capability, combined with secure real-time collaboration and flexible data integration with both existing and future IT systems, brings the mixed reality experience to a broad range of industries and use cases.

In AEC, (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) and Industrial Design, MR Studio offers the ability to interact with 3D spatial data representations for large scale design projects which provides enhanced visualization during the conceptual, construction and inspection processes. MR Studio Remote’s collaboration features allow participants to share detailed designs with live audio, video and 3D holographic content extended to remote experts or field operations teams. In healthcare and medical research, applications range from pre-surgical visualization and the ability to view holographic images of CT or MRI scan data, to education and training scenarios. MR Studio incorporates a rich set of features for the creation and management of workflows across all industries and education levels that provide a powerful interactive and immersive experience for both on-site and remote participants.

“The ability to easily manage mixed reality environments and allow multiple users to participate in real time is an important breakthrough,” said Jonathan Reeves, Arvizio’s CEO. “Arvizio’s advanced visualization, real-time holographic collaboration and flexible data integration, bring the benefits of mixed realty to a whole new range of use cases across multiple industry verticals.”

“Seamless integration with existing, and future, infrastructures allows enterprise IT groups to implement and deploy AR/MR beyond the proof of concept phase,” states Christine Perey, Principal at PEREY Research and Consulting. “Arvizio’s vision of MR and integration with IT systems is compelling.”

Arvizio will be demonstrating the company’s mixed reality platform and solutions at the Augmented World Expo USA 2017 (AWE USA 2017) in Santa Clara, California, May 31 – June 2, Booth #119.

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